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These “Kites” dont fly too high

I saw “Kites” last night and it was a huge disappointment. The script was weak , the direction poor and even Hrithik was average in this flick. Barbara Mori was the saving grace. I dont know what is it with … Continue reading

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Another Zim-barassing defeat

Well post the T20 debacle, India has managed yet another woeful result.  Not that it was very unexpected, but yet I felt with Zimbabwe not being a top 8 team anymore presented our Young Turks with a chance to prove … Continue reading

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El Clásico – Federer v/s Nadal at the Roland Garros

Its that time of the year again when supremely fit athletes adorn tennis player masks and bash the tennis ball for 4 to 5 hours on the spectacular brown clay. These , mostly European, Clay court specialists have over the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday – “Mr Tambourine Man” – Live on Bob Dylan!!!

“How does it feel , How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a Rolling Stone”…….. He wails to leave an indelible stamp on your senses. He then compels you … Continue reading

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2010 Soccer World Cup Team Reviews – Enigmatic England

Well the Soccer World Cup will be on us soon and I am excited and absolutely looking for some great entertainment. I have watched all World Cups since the 1986 one on TV and it beats anything else in viewing … Continue reading

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My perfect education system….A Dreamer’s view

We all keep cribbing about the Indian Education System. Most of whom I have met anyways. Which led me to think what I would have liked as a system. I am all for empowering the students with all the decision … Continue reading

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The Indian Education system – In Good Hands?

I was listening to Kapil Sibal on TV yesterday and felt that he has the right ideas about the educational system. I also liked the Hindustan Times representative who said that in year “In his first year, Mr. Sibal has … Continue reading

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