My perfect education system….A Dreamer’s view

We all keep cribbing about the Indian Education System. Most of whom I have met anyways. Which led me to think what I would have liked as a system. I am all for empowering the students with all the decision making, right from the beginning. Some of my thoughts , none of them practical but we make our worlds with dreams…

1. Only Playschool till 7 years of age. Plenty of physical activity and interaction with friends. Plenty of experiences, plenty of outdoor visits to farms, factories, museums, exhibitions, aquariums etc. Even geniuses – those who start talking months , reading in 1 year etc should go through this playschool. They can be given special fast track education on science and mathematics in parallel to satisfy their brain speed.

2. 7 – 10 years , the child should be allowed to pick the subjects he/she likes and should be allowed to arbitrarily change them. Only language training will be compulsory – the student will be required to learn as many languages as he/she can.  No examinations , only practicals like story writing and elocution. Other Subjects should be Drawing , Decoration, Cars, Computers, Household appliances, History, Geography,  Sports, Facebook, Roads and Bridges, Space, Magic, Music, Human Anatomy, Fitness etc. The student can choose as many or as few subject.  Counselors will monitor the patterns. In this phase there should be no negative feedback, failure to learn anything should not be censured. There should be a student psychologist (akin to a sports psychologist) who should keep raising their confidence.

3. 10 -15 years –

From 10-12 years basics of these subjects will be taught – Maths, Science, History, Geography, Computers. No exams again but close mentoring and fun ways of teaching to be employed. A variety of books to be made available and timings should not be a restriction in school, the students can spend any amount of time they wish in self study.

From 13 – 15 Again the student can choose any 3 subjects but the student psychologist who  will work closely with the students and the parents in the selection. Subjects will be Maths, Science, Humanities, Geography but this is the Skillset phase where the student will be given tasks which he/she has to complete if they need to pursue the subjects. However failure in each task is cheered not considered against the student. After a few attempts the student is free to change his subject. This can happen any number of times. Here again a lot of experiences, group activities along with reading is encouraged. Techniques like Brainstorming, Study Techniques, Mind Mapping, Memory Mastery, Visualisation, Concentration and Relaxation Techniques should be part of this phase.

15 -20 Years – Specialisation – I just hate 10+2+3 or the 10+2 +4 system that we now follow. We need at least 5 years of concentrated learning to pursue our vocation in detail whatever it may be Sports or Engineering or Medicine or Music or Alternate MEdicine or Metaphysics. We dont need to learn Maths if you are pursuing Humanities or learn electronics if we are into Civil engineering or any of these if we are pursuing Music. Hobbies other than the vocation should be easily pursuable. If you have been identified as a generalist then courses tailored towards generalists should be taken up.  There need to be examinations during specialization but attempts should not be limited. Only the passing score should be considered. Examinations should be application oriented, non repetitive and personalized by the mentor. There is no need of standardization of papers across colleges.Also any number of specializations can be pursued totally dependent on the student. The student can choose/drop any specialization at any time.

No campus placements should be allowed. Students coming out of such a system will choose their jobs rather than getting picked. More Entrepreneurs will be created.

As someone has said “if you win the rat race you still are a rat” So I would rather our economy builds more on small entrepreneurs rather than these big corporates running these races.

Hmm …will keep dreaming


About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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