Another Zim-barassing defeat

Well post the T20 debacle, India has managed yet another woeful result.  Not that it was very unexpected, but yet I felt with Zimbabwe not being a top 8 team anymore presented our Young Turks with a chance to prove themselves. Greatness beckons those seek the skies with their feet on the ground – Sachin, Dravid, Kumble and Lakshman all examples of this. Dhoni too is in this mould  but I am convinced that other than these there is not even one  who falls in this classification. They have the swagger but not the substance.

Every Indian youngster seems over aggressive, in your face without reason. Some of the joy at getting wickets after being smashed continuously  out of the park is really hilarious. The media also offers a confused potrayal – over adulation in every victory and a bashing in every defeat. But it is best to ignore and filter out the media noise than to comment on it. But coming back to the errant Indian team, I feel that we could end up a disliked team like the Aussies minus their accomplishments.So much noise and so little to show.I have just put down my views on some of the cricketers

Yuvraj Singh – The Prince turned Pauper

It is embarassing to see one of Indias prodigious talents drop catches, misfield and look clueless against the turning ball The Beer belly shows and he seems to be morose and at war with everybody. The breathtaking strokes are  distant memory and he should forget about captaincy, seniority and get his game right to even stay in the playing XI.

Harbhajan Singh – Bowling Flatter Not to Deceive

Bhajji is India’s enfant terrible. With a short fuse and plenty of mouth, he has the aggro and on Indian pitches even has the performances. But he has lost his guile and looks like a “Death” bowler even in the tests. He has the entire repertoire of faster one, slower one, blockhole deliveries, bounce and handles the new ball – hang on we are talking about a spinner!!Bhajji is a great bowler but overrated as a match winner especially on pitches abroad.

Suresh Raina – Flat Pitch Bully but brilliant at gully

Raina has come across as a rookie with good attitude and the best Indian fielder. But if the ball comes anywhere above his waist he is like a cat on a hot tin roof. Needs to sort it out fast, else his “mum ” will be getting him out with short balls

Ravindra Jadeja – The Man with the Reverse Midas Touch – He touches Gold and it turns to dust

This kid is really having a confused life right now. Chucked out of IPL for sheer greed, he cost us the T20 world cup almost single handedly (no thats too harsh but you get the point). Then he gets involved in a brawl and is the first one to come out with an apology. And all this while his performance is dipping. 61 against Zim would have done him good but I feel he should not even be in the side.

Yusuf Pathan – Only “Warne”ings no danger

Since the first IPL under Warne’s capataincy, this biggest among  hitters has just been providing sitters. Needs to sort out his batting at the highest level. You can’t expect 5 dropped catches everytime you play.

That was just Tongue-in-cheek , I know all of them are probably trying their hardest but Indian selectors need to brutal in their quest for a great team. Identify weaknesses and eliminate them as you would do with the armed forces.

About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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2 Responses to Another Zim-barassing defeat

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  2. Yet another defeat which leaves us again having to beat Lanka to reach the finals…Our Bench strength really needs to improve. We have just 3 weaknesses – Batting , Bowling and Fielding 🙂

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