These “Kites” dont fly too high

I saw “Kites” last night and it was a huge disappointment. The script was weak , the direction poor and even Hrithik was average in this flick. Barbara Mori was the saving grace. I dont know what is it with Indian Directors these days, everyone claims to be doing a “cross over” film. All they achieve is a stringing together of many High Impact scenes at scenic locations, sudden bursts of emotion and many camera angles with a whooshy effect. Are we going back to the Hollywood 80s masala or are our directors stuck in their childhood?
The full range of Hrithik’s muscular frame is on display, which could pull some female following to the movie (almost model like, you could be forgiven if you mistake it for a John Abraham movie) but the plot is very thin. A Green Card marriage couple goes up against a Las Vegas mafia ( read Indian mafia), by seeking to marry siblings of the Don for the money involved. Once they actually meet up the money aspect is forgotten and then they run away from the mob for Love. The Mexican girl supposedly does not understand English but actually does quite well following Hrithik’s twisted attempt at an accent. There is some sentimental stuff and a mexican marriage thrown in. Then the villains get to Barbara who drives over a cliff and Hrithik then jumps off the cliff to end the misery for the audience. Definitely not worth Rs 175 *2 plus the samosas and coke πŸ™‚

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