My favorite teams and Players

The World Cup is upon us. From Tomorrow for a month people all over the World will be following the fortunes of its favorite teams and players. The second biggest show on earth after the Olympics will again hold our attention, stretch our emotions and get our adrenalin pumping. For one month, the world’s best will be against the world’s best and like true gladiators , the last one standing will be bruised and battered but not bested.

I have put together my list of favourite teams:

1. Spain – Football’s underachievers but they have the team that is playing the most creative football and have the stars. My favorites for the title.
2. Argentina – I like the strikeforce they have and I am a bit biased as they are my favorite team. Team spirit seems to be good and they have “god” on their side
3. Brazil – Should be the favourites but my gut feel is it will not be Brazil’s cup. Kaka has to wake up if they are to win.
4. England – The team to watch out for. They usually choke at the quarter finals.
5. Italy – The defending champions but I hope they dont win this time with defensive play.
6. An African Team – I am not sure since I have not watched them but I hope one of them does really well.

Other teams Netherlands, France, Portugal all have good players.

Players I am going to follow:

1. Messi – I hope he does a Maradona, we do need a new footballing hero
2. Cristiano Ronaldo – The Golden shoes should run through the defences and score. He is the best technically.
3. Rooney – Can any defence tame him? I think not. My pick for the Golden Boot
4. Torres – Hopefully he is fit . He is wonderful to watch
5. Cesc Fabregas – The smooth flowing playmaker deserves to make a mark on the biggest stage. My favourite mid-fielder.
6. The Unknown star – Someone who bursts into the scene like a Roger Milla, Schillachi, Klose, Stoichkov or Owen

There are many others Buffon, Henry, Robben, Robinho, Drogba, and others.

Let me know your favorites and views!!

I will obviously be blogging on the games I watch. Let the Games begin !!!


About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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