The Crazy Ball and dimwit goalkeepers (VIDEO: Funniest Goalkeeping moments)

Nearly 10 days into the World Cup, on the whole, the matches have been disappointing. Save a few matches, most have been dull, tight contests which have gone one way or the other due to Goalkeeping errors or Red cards handed out to players.

Red Cards kill the game. There should be an in between card like a Green card in hockey where the offender cools his heels for ten minutes or so. But an unequal contest should really not decide the fate of the match. Kewell should not have been given any card. The red card in the Nigerian game against Greece and the Klose red card meant that the better teams lost.

The Adidas ball has been of more significance than Rooney or Ribery. Free kicks have been so bad, shots are not even on target. The ball is flying high and over in the altitude of some grounds and also skidding off the surface too quickly for the Goalkeepers. It reminds me of the small Crazy ball which we used to play with as kids , not knowing how high the next bounce would be.

But what is surprising is the lack of adjustments Goalkeepers have made. The trade has to adjust to the environment , not the other way around. Despite knowing the dodginess of the ball, Goalkeepers are mis-passing near the penalty box, not stopping the ball with firm hands and so far it seems they haven’t found the answer yet. They are very much like the Indian Cricket Team on fast bouncy wickets. Peter Shilton’s comments on these errors  are worth noting

This years bloopers by the goal keepers videos are below

England’s Green


Nigeria V Greece : (Goals 1 and 3)

North Korea
This should have been attempted to be stopped despite the brilliance of Maicon

Over the years there have been a few bloomers by goalkeepers and some of videos can be found in this link

Features | VIDEO: Funniest Goalkeeping moments at the World Cup | Football India.


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