A Long Ball – John Isner and Nicolas Mahut script History at Wimbledon

With the World Cup on Wimbledon has taken the back seat. But the entire World stood still to watch an incredible match, a once in a lifetime event, John Isner beat Nicolas Mahut in 5 sets in the longest match ever. The general reaction would be ” wazzat ?”, “who beat who?” and “whats so special, records can be broken”. Not this one, this has no beating. The following stats are unbelievable:

5th Set Score : 70-68 (Hell , that alone is more games than any match I know of)
5th set duration: 8 hrs 11 minutes ( This was longer than any other complete match)
Match Duration : 11 hours, 5 minutes ( The longest match by over 4.5 hours)
Number of games in a match: 183 ( By a long way the highest number of games)
Aces by Isner: 112 (Eclipsed Karlovic’s record of 78)
Aces in a match: 215 (Mabut had 103)

I did not see one bit of the action but it is mind boggling to know that such things can happen and the fitness of these players has to be appreciated. Gladiators they were till one man was left standing. Forget the quality of play or the players, it is just an unbelievable event. This is why Sport is the greatest entertainer of them all.


About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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