Dull affairs to end the Group Stages at FIFA world cup

I was hoping the Brazil – Portugal match would take the tournament to great heights. After all, the 1st and 3rd Ranked teams had the players and the pedigree to deliver the match of the tournament. But Portugal killed the match with a defensive approach, they seemed too scared of Brazil and dont deserve the 3rd place ranking. Brazil, without Kaka, as I expected were without the creative force. Ronaldo was non-existent throughout the match barring a few step overs. Dwelling more on this match would mean giving it some meaning and that it doesn’t deserve.

Spain qualified by defeating 10 man Chile in a better match but I can’t figure out what ails Spain. They have the most talented side in attack, mid-field and defence but as a team they are not the sum of their parts. So it means there is scope for them to peak even now. Switzerland and Honduras deservedly went out after a goalless draw, though the match had a lot of chances. Brazil v/s Chile should be a good match. Chile’s Argentine Coach Bielsa is a very good strategist and Brazil wont have it easy.

The Line up is

Uruguay vs. South Korea 26 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
United States vs. Ghana 27 Jun 12:00am (India Time)
Germany vs. England 27 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Argentina vs. Mexico 28 Jun 12:00am (India Time)
Netherlands vs. Slovakia 28 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Brazil vs. Chile 29 Jun 12:00am (India Time)
Paraguay vs. Japan 29 Jun 7:30pm (India Time)
Spain vs. Portugal 30 Jun 12:00am (India Tim

The Group stages complete I think the matches to watch out for are
1. Germany – England
2. Portugal – Spain
3. Argentina – Mexico
4. Brazil – Chile

My prediction of the victorious teams in the Round of 16:

  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Paraguay
  • Netherlands
  • England
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Uruguay

Some great action can be expected. I hope the referees allow the game to flow. Hits and misses from the Group Stages

  • Messi
  • Higuain
  • Forlan
  • Keisuke Honda
  • Elano


  • Rooney
  • Drogba
  • Lampard
  • Ribery and the whole French Football Team
  • The Italians

Hoping for some Messi magic tomorrow!!

About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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