Suarez Shoots past Korea, Gyan Guns down USA -Its Uruguay v/s Ghana at FIFA 2010

It was a thrilling start to the Round of 16 with two great games. South Korean hopes were dashed by a brace from the talented Suarez. The first Goal was set up by Forlan taking on the Korean defence going wide on the left hand side and then crossing across the Goal Mouth for Suarez to fire into a clear goal. There was absolutely no marking. Then the Korean’s fought back and created a host of chances. They converted one and were the dominant team in the second half until the 80th minute , when Suarez produced a beauty. He received the ball in the box on the left hand side and then running Messi like parallel to the Goal for two steps unleashed a curling shot beyond the keeper on the far right. Korea tried hard after that but the damage was done. The Uruguayan forward line is among the best in the world and Ghana will find it tough to contain them.

Ghana dominated the start of the match against the USA. In the first half , they were all over them with runs from Prince, Gyan and the other mid-fielders troubling the seemingly slow US defence. In the 5th minute, Prince opened the scoring with a run from nearly the half line, without much attention from the defenders and slotted a long range drive past Howard. Howard should have covered his near post much better. The first half saw continued pressure from the Black Starts and a second goal seemed imminent. In the second half however USA started brightly and enjoyed more of the ball They were alert like a schoolboy who had overslept threatening. Dempsey was brought down in the box and Donovan stepped up to level the scores off the penalty kick. The Black stars had the more attractive game with good ball control, strength and pace but were subdued for most of the second half under US aggression. They came back into the game in the closing minutes of the second half and created some panic. But at the end of 90 minutes the score stood at 1-1. In extra time it was all Ghana and this was topped off by Gyan’s brilliant strikers goal. He chested a long arial ball inside the box, shrugged off the physical challenge from the defenders and blasted a bullet over the head of the Howard into the Goal. Gyan has 4 Goals for Ghana in World Cups now. For a man who had vowed never to play for Ghana and to be coaxed by the fans to continue playing , it has been a great World Cup.

Today two great matches are lined up. I am going for England and Argentina over Germany and Mexico respectively.

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