India experiences an explosion of joy, cricket is the great leveller

Not given to extreme emotion, it amused me to see the uninhibited display of joyous celebration all across India. People of all ages, all castes and across all strata of the society were venting their emotions openly. It was a grand occasion and showed that our underlying pride as a nation can be reinforced through such sporting spectacles. In a country suffering from extreme poverty,an uneducated majority and simmering with caste and communal tensions, such a victory causes people to come together.

I am always amazed at the dignity of labour that exists in the Western Countries. They have achieved a true democratic freedom which recognizes you for the value you bring to the society. You have plumbers who are millionaires, young kids who are not afraid to dream big, a sportsman, a painter, a car mechanic, a dancer , a truck driver – everybody has an equal chance at success. Life is what you make it. Of course its not easy nor is it perfect. The Western world is flawed in its pursuit of pure materialistic pleasures and has lost its value system which it now is gravitating back towards.

India has this value system but it needs a catalyst to start a reaction to break all the barriers that exist in our society. Man-Woman, Higher caste – lower caste, Young-old, Hindu-Muslim, Educated- Uneducated – from our childhood we are taught to discriminate. I think we need more of such sporting spectacles, more success as a sporting nation to break through these barriers. Instead of once in 28 years we need to be celebrating every year, every month. Instead of scams and sting operations, these scenes even if a little overboard are better on television. We need to become better in every sport and like the Australians become a sporting nation.

One of my friends on Facebook said that this could be the start of a revolution. It truly could be , if we bring in these joyous occasions regularly – in the soccer world cup, in the Olympics, in the Asiad, in Badminton, in tennis, in Golf, in Hockey, in Chess, in anything where a dreamer has the chance of seeing his dream come alive. Then Corruption, Terrorists (both internal and external), unfriendly neighbours and regional factionalism can all be combated with an open display of Nationalistic Pride 1.2 Billion hearts can beat as one and propel it forward unitedly in all fields. Laterally thinking, sports could be the panacea for all our national troubles!!

About Pramod Parmeshwaran

I love writing and expressing myself. I am a software entrepreneur by profession, a voracious reader by hobby and sports crazy by nature
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