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Nadal’s win fires up The GOAT(Greatest of all time) debate

Each generation of sportsmen has a champion who gains talismanic status but it is very rare that this champion is considered peerless. Currently, Tennis is lucky to have two heroes competing for that status. Golf with Tiger Woods, Swimming with … Continue reading

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Maradona – leading Argentina to a Title or Tears?

Footballs enfant terrible will be in full view again at the World Cup after a long hiatus – this time as the Argentinian National Coach. The two lasting memories of anyone growing up in the eighties is the sight of … Continue reading

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2010 Soccer World Cup Team Reviews – Enigmatic England

Well the Soccer World Cup will be on us soon and I am excited and absolutely looking for some great entertainment. I have watched all World Cups since the 1986 one on TV and it beats anything else in viewing … Continue reading

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